Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Today was our first full day back home and first day at work since last Saturday.  It felt good to get back into the swing of things, and after a day of playing catch up at work I packed up the girls for a Target trip.  Lyla wanted to look for a book and we didn't have much to shop for so I was looking forward to a fun, low stress outing.  We made a thorough mess of the book section and Evie showed off her new found running skills, darting from aisle to aisle and giggling when I'd find her. 

After about a half hour we decided to actually get our shopping done when Lyla announced she had to go to the bathroom, then promptly said she pooped.  I thought it was weird it happened so fast but applauded myself as I calmly thought, "Ok, no big deal.  We'll head for the bathroom, abandon the panties, and be on our way."  When we got to the bathroom stall I learned why it had happened so fast and also that the pants would need to be abandoned as well.  Evie tried desperately to play in the toilet and settled for climbing around the bathroom floor and rubbing every square inch of herself on that nasty floor while trying to escape under the door.  I had no extra pants so I had to put them back on poor Lyla.  Mind you we'd gotten no actual shopping done at this point.

We ran for the kids department, grabbed a pair of shorts and headed for the groceries so we could grab just the necessities.  That was when Evie...spit up?  Threw up?  I'm still not really sure what happened but her entire front side was covered in something along those lines.  We grabbed our whole milk and ran for the checkout lines.  Evie screamed while Lyla tried to cover her head in Target stickers, and the clerk announced that I'd accidentally scanned my card twice so I'd need to pull it out to do it a third time.  Insert all the sarcastic faces here.

I thought the worst was behind us by the time we got home and then Evie rolled over and ran off in the middle of a diaper change, sauntered over to our brand new rug and peed on it.

It was a warm welcome home, indeed.  ;)  The truth is I wouldn't have it any other way.  Missed those girls and their crazy antics last week more than I've ever missed anything.

- K

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Everly's First Birthday Party

The first week of March - right before Evie's birthday - I got to take a whole week of vacation from work.  It was really my first legitimate vacation since an entire year before when I went on maternity leave right before having Evie.  It was pretty nostalgic thinking back to that exact week a year prior - first thinking and hoping I'd have my new baby early, then L getting diagnosed with RSV and then praying the new baby wouldn't come early at all.

I remember that last week of nursing my first baby back to health and just laying, cuddling face to face, Lyla sucking her thumb and resting her other four tiny fingers on my face.  I soaked up those moments with my only baby, excited and afraid of what was to come.  I felt so unsure of how I would love another baby as much as I loved my precious Lyla Rose.

That Friday night, in the middle of the night, we rushed off to the hospital and my labor was so short it literally seemed like she just popped right out and was suddenly resting in my arms.  That first moment I held her I remember locking our eyes and feeling so much peace.  Everything was right in the world.  My Everly Joy had arrived and she was beautiful and healthy and I did love her - more than I could have ever imagined.

Man, if I thought Lyla's first year went fast, Evie's first year was at least double that.  There were a lot of things that were difficult to get used to with two kids, but that little Evie stole my heart over and over again every single day.  I would hold her and stare at her angelic, innocent face and I would pray that her beauty wouldn't be a weakness - that she would be strong and not let anyone mess with her.  I know God has a sense of humor because that girl was feisty from the very beginning.  Rest assured we are not raising any pushovers.  :)

My little Evie Sis, my heart overflows when I even think about you.  I've been smitten since day one and I fall in love with you more every day.  I love your sweet smile and your dancing eyes, your little giggle and the games you play, your loving cuddles and even the little fits that only you can throw.  I really love your head butts - the soft ones when you tap your forehead against mine and then leave your head there and stare into my eyes - just like our very first moment.  And I even like your angry head butts when you slam your tiny head into whatever just made you mad.  I laugh just thinking about it.  I love your little monkey sounds and that tiny pointer finger when you want something, and how those little arms wrap around my neck and you rest your head on my shoulder when you give me a hug.  Mostly I love how you changed our family.  You made us more complete.  You are such a blessing, little girl, and you are loved forever! 

Here are some photos from the birthday party we had in Denver.  :)

- K

I hung Evie's 52 weeks of pictures up.  It always amazes me how little they change week to week but they're like a completely different kid from beginning to end.

The closest thing I could get to a smile from my L.  :)

My whole world.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Some Evie Sis Buttery Goodness

We're officially counting down the days until Everly's first birthday (3 days!), and as I was going through my camera to organize her weekly pictures I came across these.  I took them the other day while Lyla napped.  Our girls tend to have pretty opposite nap schedules right now, which can sometimes be a drag but for the most part I really enjoy the chance to spend some one-on-one time with each of my babies.

This particular day Evie and I were playing in her room, and I was just mesmerized watching her crawl around the room, looking back constantly to throw me a big grin and giggle.  We played peek-a-boo and I tickled her tummy and she flopped around showing off just how cozy her blankies were.  I just soaked up all of her Evie Sis goodness - I had forgotten how much I love this one year old age.

I could honestly have stared at her little feet and round tummy and precious, angelic face all day long.  But I think I've decided that her little hands are my favorite.  There's something about baby hands, the way even they have that buttery baby chub, those tiny dimples and the tenderness they have when they lay those little hands on you.  I'll never forget the way she'd lay her hand on my chest as she nursed, giving me little pets the whole time.

There's something so soft and delicate about their hands.  And pretty amazing too, all the stages they go through so quickly.  From tiny baby fists, to finally stretching those fingers out, to clumsily grabbing at things, to carefully pinching little puffs and pointing out every little thing they see.

I heard once that our fingerprints are created by rubbing our finger tips on our mother's womb while we are formed.  I love that so much - one of many permanent bonds we have with our mamas, created before we even met each other.  And don't you dare tell me that's just an old wive's tale.

- K

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snaggletooth Monster

My poor little Evie has the most unfortunate teething pattern of all time, and I think it is absolutely hilarious.  Well, not the misery part, that's not funny for anyone.  But where those teeth choose to come in is quite funny. 

With Lyla everything was very patterned and logical - two middle teeth on the bottom, then two middle teeth on top, then the two directly next to those on top, then on bottom, and so on, and so forth.  Evie started out that way - two middle bottom teeth first.  And then it quickly went downhill from there.

When she started teething again I kept looking at the gums on top, but out of nowhere the third tooth came in next to her 2 on the bottom.  When she started teething AGAIN I expected it to be the fourth tooth on the bottom, and then I found a tooth poking out on the top, and not even in the center.  I mean, talk about a snaggletooth.  I also found out at that point that she was getting 2 more on top, which have since come in. 

So now she has three on top and three on the bottom, but she's still missing one of the top middle teeth.  I predict all sorts of braces and headgear in her future.  ;)

I've spent a lot of time trying to get good pics of that elusive snaggletooth, it's a lot harder than you'd think.  Here are some of my attempts and eventually a few of that little tooth in all it's glory.  :)

- K

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

This Valentine's weekend Ryan is in Vegas so us girls celebrated on our own.  I set out their treats this morning, and all they really cared about was the chocolate - go figure.  Even Evie Sis is a little chocoholic these days.  It was a fun, low key day which included a trip to the pharmacy for Lyla.  She came down with pink eye.  But I guess if you're going to get something on V Day it may as well be pink.

I forced the girls into another of my silly photo sessions this week.  It's funny, I feel this need to continue these photo sessions because I want to capture their cute little stages, and to be able to look back at all the fun times we had.  The irony being that none of us have very much fun.  I swear as soon as I set them down to take a picture it just immediately triggers the biggest meltdowns.  Luckily I'm one half of where they got their stubbornness from, and so I persevere.  :) 

- K

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Three Years Old

The first time I held my little Lyla Rose in my arms so much in me changed and a big piece of that was a new found appreciation for how precious time is.  I knew I had been catapulted into the best moments of my whole life, and I quite honestly didn't want any of those moments to end.  I would stare at that baby girl and I wouldn't want to blink for fear of missing something, I could barely even contain tears when someone else held her.  I wanted to freeze time and live in that warm, snuggly, brand-new-baby-smell world forever.  

The day after we got home from the hospital with Lyla we took her to her first doctor's appointment.  The first stop was to undress my tiny little baby and get her weighed.  As we were doing that this sweet mom with a couple of kids, about 3 and 5 years old, came up to me.  She was oohing and aahing about my little babe, and saying things like "it feels like yesterday that these guys were that tiny".  I couldn't make eye contact or respond in the slightest, knowing I would just start bawling.  To me, in that moment, I wanted to die before I wanted my baby to grow up into those big kids.  And then, here we are, I blinked and I have one of those big kids of my very own.

Each year that has passed has been easier for me to accept the fact that she's getting bigger, mostly because she somehow seems to be more fun with every day that passes.  I still cry at times because I love every single stage so very much.  As I pack away clothes or toys or holiday decorations I think about the memories that were made with each item and it makes me sad that those moments are gone.  Because each moment with that girls is my very favorite moment, and moving on feels like losing them a little bit.  I know that I will forever look back at these years as the best time of my life, with my babies tucked under my little wing, protecting and nurturing and loving them with every bit of my heart and soul.

I am so in awe with the girl my little Lyla is becoming.  She is so fun, loving, energetic, curious, and just plain sweet.  She is a constant chit chatter and becoming quite the little actress with her new obsession with Frozen (she's definitely not an early adopter).  She's a tough cookie and can take quite the lick and keep on ticking.  She's not much of a rule follower, much like her dad, and prefers to question "why?" rather than just quietly doing what's she's been told.  She's got a little sass to her, and I love every bit of it.  It's hard to reign her in at times, but I know without a doubt she'll be able to channel her energy, passion and curiosity and pave a path of nothing but success, just like her dad.

We threw her little third birthday party on Saturday.  We had a rockstar theme since she is the ultimate performer these days.  She sang and danced the night away, so I think it was a success.  :)

Cheers to you, precious girl!  I love you to pieces.  I guess you can go ahead and keep getting bigger, just don't ever stop giving me those sweet Lyla cuddles.

- K

Don't mind my half bedazzled 3.  Let's just say I am a procrastinator and also not a very good rhinestone estimator.


Snuggles with her nanny, Joan, or Goan-Goan as the girls call her.  :)

This "aftermath" picture cracks me up.

Even Kev got all partied out.  ;)