Friday, August 29, 2014

Little Birdies

Last night I had to leave on my first business trip in over a year, and first ever trip away from Evie.  Luckily, I happened to get the newborn pics my sister took right before leaving, so I've had lots of sweetness to stare at in any down time I had.  And doubley luckily, everything for work got completed tonight so I got the go-ahead to go back home tomorrow instead of Monday.

It's nice to get these couple of nights of peace and quiet, and I think it's good to get the chance to miss my babies and husband every once in a while, but it feels a little too quiet sitting in my hotel room all alone.  All I can think about is putting my girls to bed, and singing our latest favorite song, 5 Little Birdies, to them both before laying them down for the night.  I miss my family like crazy and can't wait to shower them with smooches tomorrow.

Goodnight my little birdies.  xoxo

- K

Monday, August 25, 2014

Gramma and Pop

I'm afraid we weren't the best of hosts while Gramma and Pop were in town, but they sure were a lot of help to us.  From taking care of the girls, to picking up around the house, to making dinners - the work pretty much never ended for them.  We did manage to have a little fun on the weekends, including a trip to nearby Lake Calhoun and Lyla's very first virgin "margarita." After one sip she chanted "MORE, MORE, MORE!", and she chugged every last drop.  I guess she got some of my personality after all. ;)

- K

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weeks Fly By

Well, we just came off of the two of the hardest weeks we've had in a while.  Joan, the girls' nanny, was out of town for two weeks so we flew in family to help out, and I found out quick that it's a lot harder to get everyone in the routine of things with two little ones.  Not to mention that Lyla's been going through some kind of regression, clinging to me constantly, wanting to be held instead of Evie and helped with eating (like Evie).  She certainly didn't make it easier on her auntie and grandparents.

Both of our jobs have been weighing on us pretty heavy, and we just had a lot of stuff to figure out.  I won't even list everything because I'm well aware they're very much first world problems, but the truth of the matter is we've had a lot of stress on our plates recently.  And in the middle of it all I have these two precious babies that are growing and changing constantly, and I don't know if it's the stress or the busy days, but it feels like it's all going in warp speed.

It's been such a struggle to just get through the days lately, and all of a sudden I looked around and realized that my baby is speaking full sentences and sleeping in a big girl bed, and fitting in kid clothes, not just toddler clothes anymore, and my little squishy isn't even a little squishy.  My newborn baby is already gone, replaced by this cute little thing that rolls and scoots and giggles, and gobbles up rice cereal like it's her job.  As long as the days can be, the weeks and months go too fast, and I desperately just want to grab all those moments up, hold them tight, and never let them or those girls go.  And I want a baby in my arms forever.

And that's why we just might be the next Duggars.  Just kidding.  But seriously...

- K

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Half Birthday

Today is Lyla's half birthday and I kind of always thought half birthdays were worthy of a celebration.  Since Auntie Jo is in town and she doesn't always get to be around for real birthdays I decided we should actually have a mini celebration.  We went to a really cute cafĂ© and bakery, Cupcake.  They have amazing cupcakes and pretty darn good regular food, too. 

Lyla loved getting all dressed up and picking out special cupcakes.  We sang happy birthday, blew out candles, and she stuck her fingers in every single cupcake.  Such a fun little night.  :)

- K


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cuddle Bugs

Truth be told, I was never really much of a cuddle bug when I was younger.  Ryan, however, is the complete opposite.  Whether you're getting a big bear hug, or he's draping his big legs over you, or just sitting as close as can be, he is the epitome of a cuddle bug.  Now I am a true convert, which was partially by choice and partially forced due to the fact that EVERY being in our house - dog, cats, babies, husband - are the most cuddly things on the planet.  I really think we could break a Guinness World Record.

Exhibit A: these photos of my two cuddle bug girls.  Lyla is such a little lover of Evie.  Most of the time you can find them both on my lap, and Lyla frequently and proudly proclaims "We're sisters!"  I know this constant love for each other won't last forever and before long it'll be fights and tattling, so I think I better document the cuteness now. 

Also, please notice that there's rarely a picture where Lyla isn't playing with Evie's hair.  I can't help but wonder if Evie will always be OK with it because that's just the way it's always been, or if she'll eventually start throwing fits and want Lyla to back off.  Only time will tell.  :) 

- K

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Matchy - Matchy

My grandma got these adorable matching dresses for our girls.  They didn't get to wear them on the 4th of July because they were both so sick, but we got them all dolled up this weekend and oh my gosh, they looked too cute.

Two thoughts from these pictures:

1) When I asked Lyla to pick a book to read to her sis, she chose one of her half dozen bibles she has laying around.  She loves reading her bibles, and has always been particularly crazy about the nativity scene.  It's so cute to see her little wheels spinning when we talk about Jesus being in Heaven with his daddy, God.  She talks about how much He loves her, and on this day told me that He loves her guys sooooo much.  (Her guys are what we call her hundreds of blankies and stuffed animals that she loves sooooo much). 

Her faith reminds me of that bible verse in Matthew where Jesus says "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven."  Her willingness to believe and simple view of His love is just so precious to me.

2) Just look at the way that Evie sis is looking at Lyla in the second picture.  That is how she gazes at Lyla all day every day and it melts my heart.  She is already so obsessed with her big sis, and I love everything about it.

- K

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Some Visitors and Farm Island Lake

Last week I took Thursday and Friday off work to spend some time with my aunt and her husband who had made a road trip up to Minnesota.  We didn't do much besides putz around at home, but it was great to have them visit, show them our house and just catch up.  Lyla always loves having visitors in town and kept calling them my friends..."mama, where you friends go?"  Her, Kevvy and Evie kept everyone pretty entertained.

Friday we took off to our friends' (and next door neighbors) cabin on Farm Island Lake, about 2 1/2 hours North.  In the summer pretty much everyone heads up North to their cabin, so we finally got a taste of what it's like to be a true Minnesotan...and it was pretty darn good.  Lyla loves our neighbors and their dogs so she couldn't contain herself on Friday when we were getting ready.  Every room we went into she had to "pack all things Lyla need" - which was mostly just every item from her play kitchen.

The cabin was great, and the lake was beautiful.  It was really a nice, relaxing weekend considering there were 3 dogs and 2 babies running around like crazy.  Not to mention Evie slept like a dream the whole time, so we might just move there.  Against our neighbors' wishes, of course.

Lyla provided nonstop entertainment, as always.  Her bedhead and Kardashian booty she had when we neglected to put on a swimming diaper in the lake were pretty much the highlights.  We also got to do a little fishing off the dock (Lyla caught her first fish and I caught the biggest, thank you very much), and Ryan did some water skiing. 

Such a good long weekend!  Completely made up for our very sad
4th of July.  ;)

- K