Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Very Merry Giveaway - Peppy the Christmas Tree and a Tickles and Timeouts Handcrafted Doll!

I'm really excited to do this Christmas giveaway!  My dad told the story of Peppy the Christmas Tree every year and has been working on getting it published for the last year or so.  He finally received the final version recently and gave me a few to giveaway!  I also have a friend who just opened up her Tickles and Timeouts shop with the cutest handcrafted little dolls and little kid aprons.  She just gave us a doll (pictured above) and our girls love it!  The fabrics are so unique and fun.  She also gave me another to giveaway, SO, I am going to have 3 prizes to giveaway AND I am promising to have them to you before Christmas!  I just think they would make the most perfect stocking stuffers, and I'm pretty sure you'll think the same.  :)

Here's the deal - you can have an unlimited amount of entries, which include the following:

1) Like the Peppy Facebook Page
2) Like the Tickles and Timeouts Facebook Page
3) Follow me on Instagram @kassirosechapman
4) Share my giveaway on Instagram
5) Tag a friend in my Instagram giveaway announcement (each tag = 1 entry)

I will announce the winner on Thursday, 12/18, and have the prizes out to the winners by Tuesday, 12/23!  Each entry will be put into a raffle and three winners will be selected at random.  One lucky winner will get the Christmasy doll pictured below (with the cutest little doll scarf) and a hardcover copy of Peppy the Christmas Tree!  Two other winners will receive a soft cover copy of Peppy!

Thanks for your support of these two lovely people!!  For more on Peppy or to buy a copy yourself, you can go HERE.

- K

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Well, that was quite the blogging hiatus.  I feel like I have a lot to catch up on, but I kind of can't remember the month of November, it was such a blur. 

I'll start with Thanksgiving since it was less than a week ago and the black hole in my brain hasn't quite swallowed those memories yet.  We started out early with Lyla helping me make pumpkin cinnamon rolls.  She was so cute, helping me pour the ingredients into the mixer and clambering up on every counter to dig through the cupboards, helping me find the right spices. 

Our neighbors joined us, which was great, especially since this was the first holiday we didn't have family in town for.  Somehow a holiday just isn't a holiday without a crowd.  The day was really nice and low key, and I think Evie's first Thanksgiving was definitely a success.

Thankfully my work got wrapped up for the quarter before Thanksgiving, so I really got to enjoy my babies for a few days while Ryan finished up his month.  We pretty much didn't leave the house, but we did play our little arses off.  Those girls are fun.

Here's a bunch of photos from the weekend.  Hope you all had a great holiday weekend too!

- K

Trying to get a good family picture is not easy these days.  ;)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Last year before I ever knew if Evie was going to be a boy or girl I had it set in my mind that the baby would be a lamb and Lyla would be Bo Peep.  The closer we got to Halloween this year the more Lyla talked about being some kind of fuzzy creature - and my dreams were dashed.  Then my hair stylist suggested I have Lyla be the lamb and Evie Bo Peep, which was brilliant, except apparently only babies are allowed to be lambs because I couldn't find a single costume over the size of 18 mos.

Anyways, I decided it was best to let Lyla have her way - it's all about picking your battles these days and Bo Peep just wasn't worth it.  But, I could not figure out what to have Evie be.  One day her hair was particularly whacked out and I jokingly said "she'd make a great Ace Ventura."  Light bulb.

I have to admit in the sea of baby lambs and princesses at the fire station Halloween party, Evie's costume fell a little flat.  I'm not sure if people were confused by the boy attire and pink blankie and pacifier, or if they just didn't get it.  I'd like to think it was just too smart of humor for them to comprehend, but Ace Ventura isn't really "smart" humor, soooo...

Anyways, here's some photos.  Our bunny wasn't feeling particularly photogenic tonight, and poor Evie has a bad cold so not exactly the best photos ever.  But there is a pretty awesome TMNT jack-o-lantern (that Ryan drew free hand and then carved.  Amazing.), so at least there's that.

Happy Halloween!

- K


Because she's just too darling to have an entire post of her looking like a boy :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Visit from Pop

Last weekend Pop came into town, and our girls loved having him for a visit.  Somehow when Pop is around he trumps all others - it doesn't matter who you are.  On their way back from Milwaukee,
Ryan sent a picture of his busted face.  I showed it to Lyla who said, "He has a boo boo!  I'll kiss it and make it better.  Where's a picture of Pop??"

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun having him here for a few days.  Can't wait to see all the grandmas and grandpas in Denver soon!!

- K

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Ryan had a rugby game in Milwaukee this weekend so Pop came into town on Thursday night so he could go along.  They took off Friday night, which left me on my own for the Spooktacular celebration at Lifetime that night.  Getting both of the girls dressed up and out the door was quite the feat.  Evie was cranky, L was mischievous as ever and Cheetos were the only thing that made everyone happy.  By the time we got there I think we were all covered in cheeto crumbs and I was most certainly sweating.  But all in all the night was a success with a little bit of dancing, a little bit of singing, a little bit of pumpkin painting and a whole lot of sugar.

The next morning I got a call from our nanny - she offered to come over and take the girls for a few hours so I could get out on my own.  As soon as I was able to pick my jaw up off the floor I cautiously said yes, still feeling like maybe I was being tricked.  Amazingly enough she really did show up to watch the girls, and I headed straight to the mall, naturally.  It was the best time, and I officially have the best nanny ever. 

- K